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Client Testimonial

  • Residential Cleaning & Disinfection Services

    "Thanks again for the super professional service, your guys attitude and manners around my house and family were remarkable. I am not an easy customer but tonight I am surely a very happy one!"

  • Professional and Courteous Service

    Please thank your team for their hard work.

    They were professional and courteous and left the apartment cleaner than it was before! I look forward to contacting IAQ again for any aircon work!

    Thanks again.

  • The team just left about 10 minutes ago. Everything went very well- very professional. They were here early and had already checked in with the front office to get badges. Everything was left very clean after and they were very professional and efficient. I'm really happy- thank you.

  • I spoke with my husband who was here during the cleaning and he had nothing but good things to say about the your team!

    He said they arrived promptly and were very thorough from what he could see, both from inside the condo as well as going outside to the connecting unit. He was very impressed with their professionalism.

    Thank you very much !

  • A pest control product too

    Initially the first thing we noticed was those pesky mosquitoes suddenly disappeared from the office. We asked the makers if GermXit® had anything to do with this and found out that mosquitoes don't like Tea Tree Oil, it repeals them, so that was an added bonus. Clean air and no more mosquitoes.

  • Better than we thought !

    When we moved to a new office, everyone started to get sick. We asked for the air conditioners to be cleaned but that didn't seem to help. So we had GermXit® installed and hoped that would do the trick.  Over the next few months the sickness levels dropped and the staff started to comment that they hadn't had a cold or flu for a long time. Some of the staff have now bought GermXit® for their home too.

    Thanks GermXit®, it really works.

  • “...we found that the number of illnesses dropped around 80%. Further the nasty smell that dominated disappeared.”
    MOPU Superintendent

  • “We added GermXit® to a 2nd rig and ... we could see an immediate effect.”
    MOPU Superintendent

  • “Under the conditions of the experiment, GermXit® gel had a measurable biocidal effect on E.coli and C.albicans”
    university lab report

  • “The study has demonstrated that GermXit® gel has the potential to be a useful decontamination agent in HVAC duct systems”
    university lab report

  • “There has been an apparent decrease in coughs, colds, etc. ...the decrease in these ailments in such a closed environment of a ship is testament to the overall effectiveness of your process.”
    ships captain

  • “There is no doubt the product GermXit® has not only improved the air quality throughout the living facility it continues to neutralize and disperse all Bacteria, Fungi, etc. from the system.”
    drilling rig manager

  • “I have used the product ever since first installed and will continue to do so.”
    drilling rig manager

IAQ Technologies

Thailand’s first professional HVAC cleaning and disinfection service

IAQ Technologies is Thailand’s first professional HVAC cleaning and disinfection service.

We apply job-specific equipment for the most thorough and cost-effective HVAC cleaning and disinfection available anywhere in the world.

Mr. Carl Straub, an Australian, started the company in 1999. He was supported by Mr. Alistair MacMillan and Mr. Mark Ashton, the founders of Indoor Air Quality Technologies Pty. Ltd. of Melbourne. Mr. Robert Thein Pe, managing director of a major Thailand-based hotel chain, later joined IAQ Technologies Thailand as a director. Both companies have pioneered the practice of sophisticated HVAC cleaning and disinfection in Australia and Southeast Asia.

IAQ Technologies Work Methods

Our HVAC cleaning teams employ specialized equipment combined with high-volume negative pressure :

  • Air Knife
  • Negative Air Vaccum
  • Compressed air
  • Manual cleaning (Confined space work) – where needed

We will work with you to choose the method or combination of methods best suited to the job.

The best and most efficient cleaning method is by human hands. But if workers can’t fit inside a duct, the next best method is high-pressure compressed air.

How We Serve Our Customers

IAQ Technologies Thailand is proud of its exemplary customer service and superior workmanship as evinced by our client roster. Centrally located in Bangkok IAQ Technologies is well positioned to serve our customers around Thailand as well as across Southeast Asia.

No job is too small but we specialize in difficult jobs

  • Marine and offshore duct cleaning
  • Naval and merchant ships and work boats of all sizes
  • HVAC cleaning of drilling rigs
  • HVAC cleaning of hospitals
  • HVAC cleaning of factories
  • HVAC cleaning cof lean rooms
  • Galley and kitchen ventilation cleaning
  • Marine galley exhaust cleaning

Some of our Customers

  • Beiersdorf / Nivea
  • Colgate
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Chromalloy
  • Makro
  • Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
  • United Overseas Bank (UOB)
  • HSBC
  • Sodexo
  • JLL
  • PTT – Thailand’s state owned oil and gas company
  • Transocean – offshore drilling
  • MBK Shopping Mall
  • Bumrungrad Hospital
  • Samitivej Howspital
  • The American Embassy
  • Banyan Tree Bangkok – Hotel
  • Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)


We put a high value on experience and training. Many members on our team have been with us 10 years or more. IAQ’s management has more than 40 years’ experience. Members of this highly skilled group have experience in:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical works
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Project management
  • Business management

Employees have specific trade backgrounds in mechanical plumbing. They undergo rigorous training in:

  • Machine application
  • Occupational health & safety
  • Offshore sea survival
  • Helicopter safety
  • Fire fighting and escape
  • Confined space training
  • Working at heights
  • Rigging safety training
  • First Aid

Key personnel are strategically placed on work sites to deal with any issues and ensure the successful completion of the project.

Equipment and Fleet

Our custom-designed, high-pressure compressed air system can reach almost every single corner of any ductwork system.

We feed hoses into the ducts as far as 30 meters deep. We direct very high-pressure air through the ductwork with cleaning nozzles specially designed by IAQ. As the ductwork is scoured, a high-volume, negative-pressure vacuum pulls the dust and dirt out of the system.

A fleet of fully equipped service vehicles with Atlas Copco compressors are stringently controlled and maintained in excellent working order to prevent breakdowns and loss of valuable project time. Our equipment and methodology is recommended by NADCA. For more information please visit the NADCA website

Our Promise and Guarantee to You

IAQ Technologies is uncompromising in its aim to provide a quality service. We consistently upgrade our technological skills and equipment to ensure our leadership in HVAC cleaning and disinfection, both now and in the future.

Our Future

IAQ Technologies remains uncompromising in its aim to provide quality service and value to our customers. We continue to invest in equipment that allows us to service every size job and every budget. Over the years, we have consistently invested in upgrading technical skills and equipment.

Our goal is continued excellence as specialists in cleaning air supply equipment for many years to come.

IAQ Background buttom

“…we found that the number of illnesses dropped around 80%. Further the nasty smell that dominated disappeared.” MOPU Superintendent