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Indoor Air Quality is recognised as a significant environment and health problem
in most countries.
The National Health and Medical Research Council (1992) defined Indoor Air as: ‘Air within a building occupied for a period of at least one hour by people of varying
states of health’

The Syndrome being characterized by regular employee complaints of rashes, colds, fatigue, coughing, dizziness and breathing problems

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) criteria for a sick building is met when 20% of the inhabitants complain of related ailments.
This is becoming the employment concern

Significant decrease in worker efficiency; concentration and productivity (EPA)

United States estimates of annual economic loss due to poor Indoor Air Quality amounts to several tens of billions dollars (EPA 1994)

Some oversea studies have shown, for Australia, a 3% productivity loss incurred an annual loss of 3 billion dollars

Causes of the Syndrome are multiple and varied, but typically associated with inadequate fresh air ventilation, improper temperature and humidity settings, the presence of volatile organic compounds, and a contaminated and poorly filtered ventilation duct system

An ongoing proactive approach to the problem will maintain the building’s environment to Government and indoor air quality Standards
Contaminated indoor air is a time bomb waiting to explode
Indoor Air Quality is the next growth area for the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning industry
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