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Client Testimonial

  • Residential Cleaning & Disinfection Services

    "Thanks again for the super professional service, your guys attitude and manners around my house and family were remarkable. I am not an easy customer but tonight I am surely a very happy one!"

  • Professional and Courteous Service

    Please thank your team for their hard work.

    They were professional and courteous and left the apartment cleaner than it was before! I look forward to contacting IAQ again for any aircon work!

    Thanks again.

  • The team just left about 10 minutes ago. Everything went very well- very professional. They were here early and had already checked in with the front office to get badges. Everything was left very clean after and they were very professional and efficient. I'm really happy- thank you.

  • I spoke with my husband who was here during the cleaning and he had nothing but good things to say about the your team!

    He said they arrived promptly and were very thorough from what he could see, both from inside the condo as well as going outside to the connecting unit. He was very impressed with their professionalism.

    Thank you very much !

  • A pest control product too

    Initially the first thing we noticed was those pesky mosquitoes suddenly disappeared from the office. We asked the makers if GermXit® had anything to do with this and found out that mosquitoes don't like Tea Tree Oil, it repeals them, so that was an added bonus. Clean air and no more mosquitoes.

  • Better than we thought !

    When we moved to a new office, everyone started to get sick. We asked for the air conditioners to be cleaned but that didn't seem to help. So we had GermXit® installed and hoped that would do the trick.  Over the next few months the sickness levels dropped and the staff started to comment that they hadn't had a cold or flu for a long time. Some of the staff have now bought GermXit® for their home too.

    Thanks GermXit®, it really works.

  • “...we found that the number of illnesses dropped around 80%. Further the nasty smell that dominated disappeared.”
    MOPU Superintendent

  • “We added GermXit® to a 2nd rig and ... we could see an immediate effect.”
    MOPU Superintendent

  • “Under the conditions of the experiment, GermXit® gel had a measurable biocidal effect on E.coli and C.albicans”
    university lab report

  • “The study has demonstrated that GermXit® gel has the potential to be a useful decontamination agent in HVAC duct systems”
    university lab report

  • “There has been an apparent decrease in coughs, colds, etc. ...the decrease in these ailments in such a closed environment of a ship is testament to the overall effectiveness of your process.”
    ships captain

  • “There is no doubt the product GermXit® has not only improved the air quality throughout the living facility it continues to neutralize and disperse all Bacteria, Fungi, etc. from the system.”
    drilling rig manager

  • “I have used the product ever since first installed and will continue to do so.”
    drilling rig manager


Commercial HVAC Cleaning Services

What are the health benefits of routine HVAC system cleaning?

Heating, cooling and ventilation ducts and split systems collect all kinds of impurities with possible health effects.

The areas around cooling coils are damp and dark … prime conditions for bacteria and mould to grow. Long runs of ductwork hold dust and dirt, which in turn grab and hold bacteria, moulds, yeasts and fungi.

You can’t see these little bugs, germs and baddies, but every time the fans come on, they’re blowing around your building, office or room. And you’re breathing them in.  

Remove this contamination regularly to keep your air healthy.

  • Your employees, customers and visitors will be healthier and happier
  • Your health care costs will be lower
  • You’ll have less sick time
  • Your bottom-line savings will add up!

Why should we clean our ventilation systems?

When systems are working, dust and dirt collect on fans and coils and in ductwork. Dust and dirt are gourmet meals for bacteria and moulds! They love it in there … and you can’t see them.

HVAC systems give bacteria and mould
everything they need to grow and live:
food, water and darkness.

If an HVAC system hasn’t been cleaned in a couple years, nothing in it is good for you. That’s why our technicians wear protective clothing when they work.


When should we clean the ductwork in our building?

A professional should inspect your ductwork at least every two years.

If you see significant dust and dirt:

  • In the ducts
  • On the air handling equipment
  • On the vents

… it’s time to schedule a cleaning.


How will I know if the ducts in our building need cleaning?

You will see:

  • Increased dust and dirt
  • More employee and resident complaints of coughs, colds and other respiratory problems


  • You have occupied the building for at least two years but have not cleaned the ductwork

How long will it take you to do the job?

That depends on a number of factors:

  • The size of your building
  • How easy it is to access the system and ductwork
  • The type of cleaning you choose

IAQ teams can work at night if necessary. They are trained to do their jobs with as little interruption as possible to your routines.
Our experts are happy to give you a free estimate of costs and timelines as well


Do we need to close while you work?

No! Not necessarily.

IAQ teams can work during your off hours if required


How do you clean large duct systems?

We’re equipped to handle systems of all sizes. Our toolkit includes:  

  • Compressed air
  • Manual cleaning
  • Brushes
  • Robots

This is combined with high-volume negative pressure to vacuum up any contaminated material we collect during cleaning.


What problems are caused by mold in a ventilation system?

Active moulds release spores, which are an irritant and give many people allergic reactions. Excessive moulds are a key cause of Sick Building Syndrome. Moulds like to grow in HVAC systems because they give them everything they need: constant temperatures, something to eat and dampness. The dirt and dust carried through the ductwork is good food, the temperature does not go up or down much and humidity is usually high.


Will cleaning the ductwork in our building save money?


  1. Your heating and cooling operations work harder when dirt and contaminants build up. Cleaning them reduces their energy consumption. According to statistics published by the U.S. Department of Energy 25 percent to 40 percent of the energy used in these systems is wasted because of contaminants.
  2. Cleaning your system often helps it last longer and decrease the chance of problems.
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“…we found that the number of illnesses dropped around 80%. Further the nasty smell that dominated disappeared.” MOPU Superintendent